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Photography During Physical Distancing by Tony Beck   After buying my first film camera back in the early 1980s, I found myself constantly experimenting, exploring and constructing creative ideas. Everything was fair game and worthy of being photographed. However, over the decades, I became focused on my favourite subjects – Nature and Wildlife. Luckily, I turned the […]

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Yelango A17 Gimbal Head Review by Tony Beck In the past, I rarely supported big lenses on a tripod. Instead, I hand-held my camera while adopting various field techniques that facilitate image sharpness. I only used tripods in low light situations where slow shutters were necessary. Sometimes I’d go for the flexibility and convenience of […]

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Enjoying Nature During Quarantine by Tony Beck Enjoying nature is the simplest of activities. Being close to nature is its own reward. But, some people need a little motivation before carefully searching for wildlife. Thankfully, it’s easy to make it interesting and challenging, especially during these times of self-isolation and social distancing. Make it a game. […]

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Choosing Binoculars for Birding, and How to Properly Focus Them Birdwatching is one of the world’s fastest-growing outdoor activities. However, to maximize your enjoyment of watching birds, you’ll definitely need a good pair of binoculars. There are so many different types to choose from that it can be a daunting task to select exactly what […]

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Nikon D500 with AF-S Nikkor 200-500 F5.6 VR zoom ~ ISO 400 – Shutter 1/500 – Aperture F6.3 Eagles have the best vision of any animal alive today. Golden Eagles can spot small prey from more than a mile away. Some eagles have sight that’s eight times as good as humans. With binoculars, you’ll have eyes […]

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Tony came to the Ambleside 2 condominium complex mainly for the view overlooking the Ottawa River. He figured it was a convenient and safe place to see interesting birds from the comfort of a balcony. He wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the view surpassed all his expectations. Free of ice in winter, and active with birds […]

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Recap of Bird Studies Canada's BIRDATHON 2017 After a slow start to a wet spring, we were finally rewarded with a thrilling and productive weekend here in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Participating in The Great Canadian Birdathon, our team of intrepid birders spent the weekend searching Prince Edward County and Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Our main objectives […]

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  PHOTO TIP from Always An Advenure Rest assured, there are no rules in photography, only guidelines. However, some guidelines are rarely ever broken, like the straightness of a horizon. Unfortunately, most people subconsciously put the horizon, or the main photographic subject, smack in the middle when taking their picture. Even more offending are landscapes […]

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PHOTO TIP from Always An Adventure:   Back-lit Chipmunk photographed at Petrie Island, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. With the camera pointing in the direction of the sun, your subject will be in shadow. These types of situations are very challenging. However, there are a few tricks that'll help. 1) Use a flash to fill in the shadow. Some cameras come with […]

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Always An Adventure is a family company run by Tony Beck & Nina Stavlund. We provide a variety of services & tours focusing on Nature, Wildlife, Birding & Photography. We teach Birdwatching and Photography both independently and through a variety of institutions...........Read More

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Nina Stavlund

Nina is Norwegian by blood, an extensive world traveler, and is now living in Ottawa, Canada. She's also a passionate birder and nature lover, and has logged hundreds of hours of birding the last couple of years. She's a....... Read More

Tony Beck

* PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER and TOUR GUIDE since 1993. * Located in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA * Sponsored by NIKON of CANADA. I've always loved to share my experiences of the natural world, especially ..........Read More

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