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  1. Spring Birding, Ontario’s Birding Hotspot – Point Pelee National Park 2019 (Road Scholar)
  2. Namibia: A Desert Landscape & Wildlife Safari
  3. Costa Rica – Through The Lens Photo Tour (Greentours UK)
  4. August 2020 Brazil – Pantanal – Wildlife Adventure (Neblina Forest)

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Spring Birding, Ontario’s Birding Hotspot – Point Pelee National Park 2019
(Road Scholar)

Point Pelee is a birding hotspot where thousands of migratory songbirds find refuge in the park’s habitats. Watch and listen for Scarlet Tanager, Indigo Bunting and Wood Warblers in brilliant breeding plumage, and observe Bald Eagle, Red-headed Woodpecker and rare species like Kirtland’s Warbler and Mississippi Kite. Study plumage, voices and behaviors that distinguish one species from the next.

Leader: Tony Beck

May 12-19, 2019 – please see link for price

For more information and/or to book this tour, please contact the travel agency directly at
Road Scholar, 11 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111 – USA. Tel: (800) 454-5768, email:

Namibia: A Desert Landscape & Wildlife Safari
(Quest Nature Tours)

Oct 3 to Oct 15, 2019 – please see link for price

Leader: Tony Beck

Namibia remains an enigma of Africa. Though long inhabited by people, its arid climate and rugged terrain have left it in a relatively pristine state. It is in this context that we’ll discover landscapes and habitats to which even the most extraordinary superlatives won’t do justice. After becoming acquainted with the acacia woodlands of the Central Plateau, we’ll head to our lodge near the biggest sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei. We’ll explore the dunes on foot while taking extraordinary photographs and being on the lookout for resident wildlife. At Sandwich Bay we explore important coastal wetlands and the rich marine habitats, and in Damaraland we travel dry river beds while on the lookout for desert-adapted African Elephants and more.
Etosha National Park is a quintessential wildlife experience; we should have excellent views of a wide variety of large game animals including Giraffe, Greater Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, and the gorgeous Black-faced Impala as they gather around the gleaming white salt pans and congregate at waterholes in the evening. We may also see both species of African rhino. The bird life is impressive throughout and there will many forms of less conspicuous wildlife too!
A trip to unspoiled Namibia is the chance to see surreal landscapes, discover a rich and eclectic heritage, meet wonderfully friendly people and view wildlife to your heart’s content. In additional to the mammals and landscapes, the tremendous bird life and flora always offer significant interest, and the photographic opportunities on this tour are phenomenal.

For more information and/or to book this tour, please contact the travel agency directly at
Quest Nature Tours 491 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1L9 Canada 416.633.5666 ~ TICO Reg: #2667946

Costa Rica – Through The Lens Photo Tour
(Greentours UK)

Oct 29 to Nov 13, 2019 – please see link for price

Leader: Tony Beck

Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes are still largely carpeted in virgin forest and no less than one-quarter of the country is now within national parks or private reserves. This Eden-like natural heritage becomes apparent even on our first day as the fantastically rich fauna and flora announces itself to us, especially the extraordinary number of bird species. There are some 850 in all, nearly 10% of the world total, crammed into a country the size of Holland!
This beautiful country is undoubtedly a feast for the nature photographer. There are abundant butterflies, several species of colourful Poison-arrow Frogs as well as approachable larger animals such as Toucans and Coatis. We’ll concentrate on the macro photography of the often brilliantly-coloured invertebrates, especially butterflies and dragonflies. Our lodges all have feeders bringing a rich variety of bird-life into camera range including lots of iridescent Hummingbirds. Although we are visiting during the wet season this is far and away the best time for diversity of many smaller creatures and most of the rain will fall in the afternoon anyway. We’ll be staying at just four main locations; the mid-altitude forests of Bosque La Paz, remote and peaceful Laguna Lagartos, the highland cloud forests around Savegre and then a lengthy stay on the fabulous Osa Peninsula home to one of the most wildlife rich forests on Earth. Here we’ll stay at the private Cabo Blanco reserve, owned and run by a professional wildlife photographer.

For more information and/or to book this tour, please contact the travel agency directly at
Greentours, Leigh Cottage, Gauledge Lane, Longnor, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 0PA ~ UK. Tel: 01298 83563, email:

2020 Brazil Pantanal
(Neblina Forest)

Please see full program here:

Brazil’s Pantanal: A place of superlatives. Home to the world’s largest fresh-water wetlands, the Pantanal is ten-times the size of the Everglades, draining into a single channel: The Paraguay River. We venture deep into this world-class wildlife hotspot on a long road that bisects the Transpantaneira wilderness.
In this famed region, we discover wildlife thriving in a mix of savanna, forest, and wetland habitats. Even a relaxed day can yield more than 100 species of birds and dozens of mammals — Capybara are abundant!
Brazilian Tapir, Maned Wolf, Giant Anteater, Giant Otter, and yes, Jaguar, are five of many incredible mammals we seek, while Harpy Eagle, Greater Rhea, Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan, and Helmeted Manakin top the list of impressive bird sightings. The rare Green Anaconda, the world’s largest snake, may be a lucky find, while the small crocodilian Yacaré can be seen by the thousands. For many, it is the sheer number and variety of species that leaves the most lasting impression.
Friendly, modern and comfortable cattle ranches provide our accommodations, each with its own impressive and distinctive wildlife community. Lazy afternoons invite photographers to wander between shade circles of the ranch trees for some quality time with Hyacinth Macaw and other species.

Leader: Tony Beck & Nina Stavlund

August 16-27, 2020 – From US$4950 per person in double occupancy, US$ 500 single sup.

For more information and/or to book this tour, please contact us or the travel agency directly at
Puembo PO BOX 172220288 Quito – Ecuador, Tel: 593 2 2393 014/Cell: 099 759 1359/ 09 9759 1313 email:

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