Photo Editing & Workflow Course

Photo Editing & Workflow ONLINE Courses!

New from January 2022; We’re now offering ONLINE ZOOM photography sessions!

What can you learn?

  • Learn to download and organize your photos using Adobe Bridge
  • Learn to improve your photos using Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop CC & NIK Software
  • Post-processing landscape & scenery
  • Post-processing wildlife, birds & pets
  • Post-processing a human portrait
  • Advanced image manipulation including artistic work (creating Photo Art)

No pre-knowledge of Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop CC or NIK Software is necessary. Only one-on-one sessions! Due to this we can create the perfect session for you!

  • The duration of each one-on-one session is 2 hours
  • Price for a single session: $85.00 HST included
  • Each session will be conducted using Zoom
  • The participant will get access to the course recording for 2 weeks after the session.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions.

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